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Shifting Course

Climate Adaptation for Water Management Institutions

A key challenge for successful climate change adaptation is the development of institutions that can respond more effectively to an uncertain climate future. Because water is the main medium through which we are likely to experience climate change, institutions that play a role in water resources management have a particular need to become more adaptive in their operations and interactions. WWF-US has just published Shifting Course: Adaptation for Water Management Institutions, a report that identifies a set of principles for climate-adaptive institutions. The report includes five case studies from around the world that highlight different institutional responses to climate change and related challenges.

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Adaptive Institutions

WWF-US, along with the project's Steering Committee, is now planning an exciting second phase of this work that will develop a tool for operational guidance to help water management institutions to promote more climate-adaptive approaches in their operations.

This tool will be piloted with institutional partners around the world, including water management-related organizations at different scales, both in the public and private sectors.

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Steering Committee

The project's Steering Committee is drawn from a number of WWF offices and other leading institutions interested in collaborating around issues of institutional adaptation. They are actively helping to shape the next phase of our work.


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